The heat wave is fading, but greater San Diego will stay warmer than normal

Coastal temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s on Friday.
Coastal temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s on Friday.
(Gary Robbins / The San Diego Union-Tribune )

Overnight temperatures are unlikely to fall below 70 in most of the region


Don’t put away that fan. The heat wave is fading. But San Diego County will be warmer and stickier than normal throughout the weekend. And another hot spell is likely next week, says the National Weather Service.

The excessive heat warning that has been in place for all areas except for the coast will expire at 10 p.m. on Thursday.

Overnight temperatures aren’t expected to drop below 70 degrees in most areas before Monday, even at the coast. Forecasters say Tropical Storm Genevieve, which is spinning west of Baja California, is helping keep Southern California warm.

“The heat won’t be excessive, like it’s been. But it’ll still be warm,” said Brandt Maxwell, a weather service forecaster.

Thursday’s highs hit 104 in Alpine, 101 in Ramona, and 101 in Jacumba, a village along eastern Interstate 8, which has been one of the hottest areas in the country over the past week.

Ramona and Valley Center reached 99 while Escondido came in at 98. San Diego International Airport hit 84, which is about eight degrees above average.

A snappy sea breeze arose in the afternoon. But the wind was moving over warm water, and provided little relief to beach-goers.

Forecasters say sporadic thunderstorms could hit San Diego County’s mountains over the weekend. But they’re not expecting the sort of massive electrical storms that have produced huge wildfires this week in Northern California.