Misadventure & Co. pledges portion of proceeds from hand sanitizer sales to COVID-19 research

Misadventure & Co. sells multiple sizes of its hand sanitizer, including a 2 oz. travel-sized spray.
(Courtesy of Misadventure & Co.)

Vista-based vodka distillery announces donation program to help fund scientific research institutions including University of California San Diego Health Foundation


As bars shut down and demand for sanitizing products skyrocketed due to the pandemic, many distilleries shifted operations from producing hard alcohol to hand sanitizer.

One of these businesses was Misadventure & Co., a sustainable vodka distillery in San Diego that recently launched a donation program to fund COVID-19 research.

Misadventure & Co. has been producing liquid hand sanitizer since the spring. Today the Vista-based company announced plans to donate 15 percent of its profits from sanitizer sales to scientific research institutions like the University of California San Diego Health Foundation, as well as the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Hand sanitizer options from Misadventure & Co.
Hand sanitizer options from Misadventure & Co. include a 100 ml squirt bottle, 8 oz. flip top, 4 oz. spray and a four-pack of 1 gallon jugs.
(Courtesy of Misadventure & Co.)

“We are so thankful that we were able to pivot our business and save jobs when the coronavirus first struck,” co-founder Sam Chereskin said in a press release. “We want to give back by donating to institutions that will help find a vaccine ... We call on more companies to join this movement and help donate a portion of their proceeds in a similar manner.”

All Misadventure hand sanitizers are liquid, unscented and use a 80 percent ethyl alcohol formula recommended by World Health Organization. Product offerings range from a 2 oz. travel-sized spray bottle ($2.99) to a four-pack of 1 gallon jugs ($140).

All of the distillery's hand sanitizer products, including the 4 oz. spray bottle, are safe to use on both skin and surfaces.
(Courtesy of Misadventure & Co.)

Prior to the pandemic, Misadventure & Co. focused on sustainable craft vodka made from excess baked goods, such as breads, cupcakes and cookies. The process involves fermenting, distilling and filtering pounds of surplus product sourced from grocery stores. Though the distillery’s primary focus is now on hand sanitizer, bottles of the Misadventure Vodka are still available to buy on its website for $21.99.

The distillery’s tasting room in Vista is currently closed due to COVID-19. All sales are online-only, with nationwide shipping and local pickup available. For more information or to make a purchase, visit