Play dress-up! Style these paper dolls in summer 2020 corona-fashion

Paper dolls
(Greg Clarke / For The Times)

After what seems like the longest five months ever (riiiiiight?), we’ve finally reached the unofficial start of summer — the end of May in Los Angeles — and nothing speaks volumes in the City of Angels like dressing up in an outfit as vibrant and colorful as our gorgeous surroundings.

So go ahead and pack up those thoughts about your old 9-to-5 attire (that’s so 2019 anyway), break out the scissors and get ready to meet your new clients: the L.A. paper dolls. You get to be their new stylist.

In the ready-to-snip 2020 spring and summer offering, you’ll find a smorgasbord of fashion delights, including an of-the-moment tie-dyed T-shirt, comfy sweatpants and leggings, and footwear options perfect for neighborhood power walks or social distance-friendly hikes. (Even this couple’s fur baby gets a summer look. Check out those paws and prints.)

Most important during this pandemic are must-have accessories, including latex gloves, all-over-print bandannas, colorful face masks, a spacious grocery tote, a quarantini cocktail set and a tape measure for maintaining a proper safe distance from others.

And this season wouldn’t really be this season without a couple of the quarantine era’s most coveted goodies, so we’ve included them along with the sartorial mix — a bottle of hand sanitizer and a fresh loaf of banana bread. Voila! Now play dress-up. You can print these paper dolls below.

(Greg Clarke / For The Times)

(Greg Clarke / For The Times)


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