Father’s Day gifts that think outside the box


He’s tired of ties and good on his golf ball count. So what should you get Dad for Father’s Day this year?Here are seven home-inspired gifts to choose from, depending on his hobbies and interests.


1. Brim — 19 Bar Espresso Maker: Dad doesn’t have to leave the house to enjoy a cappuccino or espresso any longer! Treat him to a classic Italian coffee beverage at home; maybe even play barista for your original favorite guy on Father’s Day this year. Not only will this small appliance make a delicious drink, it will look deliciously stylish on the countertop.

Available: Williams Sonoma, Costco, Best Buy and online

Pricing: $349.99



2. — Luna Standing Desk Stool: Many dads work from home these days, either full time or part time. Give him the kind of seat that NASA recommends for their flight systems and crew. This lightweight perch can also work in his hobby spot — or anywhere else around the house where he spends hours sitting — to create a healthier space.

Available: Online at

Pricing: $225


3. Elmira Stove Works — Northstar Keg Fridge: San Diego is a craft brew town, but that doesn’t mean Dad has to leave the house to hang out with his friends over an IPA, lager or stout. Now he can pour one at home in his favorite social space. This vintage-inspired American-made appliance comes with all of the necessary components to serve cold beer and doesn’t need a water source or drain line. Not only does it pour well, it looks great, too.

Available: Online at

Pricing: $4,200 for 18 cubic feet to $5,000 for 18.5 cubic feet


4. Lynx Grills — Sonoma Smart Smoker: What do you get the dad who loves to grill but has one he already loves? You get him gear to expand his outdoor cooking repertoire. A smoker can definitely fit the bill, and one that makes cooking easier and more convenient with an instant-read meat probe and Wi-Fi capability is a definite win for Dad’s next barbecue.

Available: Pacific Sales, Aztec Appliance, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Lars Remodeling and Design, BBQ Grill Outlet, Expressions Home Gallery and Bath and Kitchen Showplace

Pricing: $2,969 for the 30-inch built-in/countertop smoker to $6,019 for the 30-inch smoker on 54-inch Mobile Kitchen Cart.



5. GelPro — Elite Comfort Mat: Is your father a tinkerer or a craftsman? Does he spend hours in his shop working on his car or home projects? If so, a comfort mat will save his hips, back, feet and knees from discomfort during long sessions. It will also reduce fatigue while he enjoys his hobbies.

Available: Online at

Pricing: $124.95 for 20 inches by 36 inches; larger sizes also available


6. TRX — Home2 System: Help your father avoid dad bod syndrome with a fitness system he can use at home. He might have used a TRX suspension system at his gym — before he got too busy to go regularly — but he doesn’t need to renew that membership to continue with many trainers’ favorite tool. Everything he needs to get or stay in shape is included in the package (including a travel bag to use when he’s on the road), and there’s an app he can use for coaching and tracking. Best of all, it’s not going to sit in your bedroom collecting laundry or drive up your electric bill.

Available: Online at

Pricing: $199.95


7. Vitamix — Professional Series 750: After a good workout or hours spent under his car, Dad has probably worked up a thirst or appetite. Help him slake it with a pro-style mixer featuring commercial grade power for his favorite treats. This machine has five settings that go from soup to sorbet and is easy to clean — a nice feature for anyone having to tackle that chore. It comes in a range of finishes to match most spaces, so it will look great on your countertops. The Aer Disc Container adds more capability with whipping, emulsifying, muddling and foaming features.

Available: Williams Sonoma, Target, Crate & Barrel and online

Pricing: $599.95 for the 750; $144.95 for Aer Disc Container



Hopefully, these gift ideas will work for your celebration. If they don’t, they can provide inspiration for your own ideas — such as a smoothie recipe or outdoor cookbook instead of a professional mixer or smoker.

Enjoy Dad and his special day!

Gold is a San Diego-based Certified Kitchen Designer, wellness design consultant and the author of the “New Bathroom Idea Book” (Taunton Press);