San Marcos scoop shop renamed Wynston’s

The Wynn family in front of their Wynston's ice cream shop in San Marcos.
The Wynn family in front of their San Marcos ice cream shop, which has been re-branded as Wynston’s.

Wynn’s Ice Cream Co., a gourmet scoop shop that opened last year in San Marcos’ North City development, has undergone a name change.

Opened in fall 2020 by Midwest transplants Chris and Sarah Wynn, the shop ran into a trademark issue when the couple realized the Wynn’s name was already owned by a Las Vegas casino. So this month the shop at 251 North City Drive was rebranded Wynston’s Ice Cream Co.

“Wynston’s has been the name of our mascot since the beginning, and we felt that the name was familiar and provided a little reassurance to our customers. We want everyone to know that behind the scenes, we are the same Wynns. We are the same family, making the same high quality ice cream,” Sarah Wynn said. Visit

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