Skrewball Whiskey and The Holding Company shows local musicians some extra love this year

A flyer for Feed the Musicians, an initiative from Skrewball Whiskey and The Holding Company.
A flyer for Feed the Musicians, an initiative from Skrewball Whiskey and The Holding Company.

This year, Skrewball Whiskey and The Holding Company are donating 100 meals to local musicians through Feed the Musicians as part of Skrewball’s “Skrew-It Forward” campaign. The first 25 commenters who tag a musician friend on The Holding Company’s Facebook and Instagram posts will qualify. The contest is first come, first serve, but as of this writing, both contests are still active. Each entrant also gets a plus-one.

The event takes place on Monday, Nov. 16, from 2 to 6 p.m. at The Holding Company. Qualifying entrants’ will receive an appetizer, entree and a cocktail, available to eat on The Holding Company’s rooftop overlooking the ocean or taken to-go.

“The pandemic has really had its grip on so many different sectors of every community, and one of the hardest hit areas have been the food and beverage industry, and of course, live music and entertainment. Where Skrewball comes from, from its core, is from the food and beverage world, so we’ve done a great deal of focusing on them to help them out. The Holding Company is a music venue — a lot of live musicians have no outlet or no way to really come to terms with this. We felt like this was a good way to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten,” said Kerry Harris, a Skrewball Whiskey brand ambassador during a phone call.

“We reached out to musicians through The Holding Company’s Facebook and Instagram pages and invited them to comment and tag musician friends. It’s first come, first serve — we will select the very first 50 musicians that did so and they get a plus-one to join them on Monday.”

“The Holding Company has one of the most stunning views from the rooftop that overlooks the ocean. The event is from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and as the sun sets earlier, they’ll be able to catch a really nice sunset hopefully,” Harris added.

Skrewball Whiskey and The Holding Company share a rich history. Steven and Brittany Yeng, the founders of Skrewball, were also the owners of The Holding Company, which is where the original peanut butter whiskey shot originated. Though The Holding Company’s ownership has since changed, “we still treat each other as family,” said Harris.

Skrewball’s “Skrew-It Forward” campaign is designed to provide relief to the communities that have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other ways the initiative has helped include:

  • Donated a van full of food (40 bags) to the Storehouse in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Donated $2,500 to South Dakota City Management, who will use money to help veterans.
  • Donated $5K to The Lab in Chandler, AZ — a basketball camp that gives at-risk youth a place to stay off the streets.
  • Donated $5K to Together Omaha to be used to keep up with the food pantry, as they have been hit very hard during COVID.
  • Donated $250 of peanut butter and jelly to a local food bank, Dignity Health Connected Living in Redding, CA. They specifically make 500 bags weekly to feed senior citizens and typically can’t afford those items due to cost.

For more information or to enter the Feed the Musicians campaign, visit The Holding Company’s social media pages.