What’s new on the menu at Flower Child and Enclave Adventurous Superfood

Enclave launches new Meal Delivery Program.
(Courtesy photo)

The two restaurants have introduced new offerings for San Diegans hoping to eat healthy in 2020.


Flower Child in the Flower Hill Promenade unveiled two New Year’s resolution-friendly items designed to keep anyone’s dietary plan intact.

The massaman curry beef pot roast features heirloom carrot, red bell pepper, snap pea, milled cauliflower, jalapeño, cashew and date; and the keto-friendly turkey sausage and zucchini lasagna includes braised kale, wild mushroom, ricotta, smoked mozzarella and tomato fondue.

2690 Via De La Valle, Del Mar. (858) 314-6818.

Enclave Adventurous Superfood, San Diego’s “Food As Medicine” (F.A.M.) concept, has launched its Meal Delivery Program for those committed to following a healthy eating plan in 2020. Customers can choose monthly, weekly or daily subscriptions for restaurant-to-front-door delivery. The plans are customizable and gives customers the choice of the number of meals and snacks they’d like to receive each day.

Monthly and weekly plans are delivered three times a week. Meals are made with ingredients packed with antioxidants and rich nutrients, and they have no added refined sugars, using only whole fruit, dates, raw unrefined honey and real maple syrup. Prices for packages vary, starting with daily packages from $20 and up, weekly F.A.M. packages from $140 and up and 28 F.A.M. packages from $280 and up.

At checkout, customers will be asked specific needs and wellness goals, as well as any food allergies. Deliveries are made on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or can be picked up at Enclave with a discount of 5 percent.

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