Beer of the week: Iron Fist’s Uprising

This intense brew is a favorite because it’s smooth but still has a 12% punch


Beer Name: Uprising
Brewery: Iron Fist Brewing Company
Style: Tripel IPA
ABV: 12%

Founded in 2010, Iron Fist Brewing Company launched as a family business, with son Brandon brewing as early as age 21, and has grown into a San Diego establishment. Crafting such favorites as Velvet Glove imperial stout, Renegade Blonde, and Nelson the Impaler session IPA, Iron Fist serves fans around the county with two locations, one in Vista and the other in Barrio Logan.

PACIFIC spoke with co-owner Eve Simenski to find out about their cult favorite, Uprising (a beer that causes fan clamoring and lines out the door).

How did you come up with the name Iron Fist?
EVE: The name was hard, since everything we came up with was either already taken or we couldn’t agree on. One day out of nowhere my husband Greg said “how about Iron Fist?” I thought for sure it had been taken but it had not, so we grabbed it!

How about the name Uprising?
EVE: When we first brewed this beer it was during the time when craft beer was just exploding, or you can say there was an Uprising brewing. The beer is deceptive because it goes down so nice and smooth, not boozy, but carries a 12% punch!

What is a Tripel IPA?
EVE: Tripel is a Belgian beer style that originated in Trappist Abbeys. It’s known for its distinct caramel and fruit notes and a relatively high ABV (7.5% to 9.5%). We took that idea and amped up the hops, malt, and ABV to produce a beer that was really one-of-a-kind.

What should someone expect for their first time trying Uprising?
EVE: Expect a very intense flavor experience. It starts with the characteristic Tripel caramel and fruit notes of peach and apricot, giving way to an intense rush of hop-driven citrusy and earthy flavors, finally giving way to the 70 IBUs of bitterness that clear the palette, leaving a clean finish.

Perfect pairing?
EVE: Tacos al pastor (don’t skip the pineapple), Stilton blue cheese, Panang curry and mango sherbet.

Where can I get it and for how long?
EVE: Uprising is available in cans and on draft. This fantastic brew is only available in our tap rooms and not in distribution.

Extra juicy tidbit?
EVE: We also have Small Batch Experiments that come out monthly, so be sure to check out our tasting rooms and social media for release information.

This beer gal’s take: A must-try blend of two divergent styles, Uprising combines the delicious aromas and flavors of different worlds. Not for the faint of heart, this heavy-hitter is perfect for after dinner sipping and desserts, like mango flan and pineapple cake.