Put your drinking caps on: Little Italy class delves into organic Italian wines

Little Italy Food Hall pizzeria Ambrogio15 will highlight eight artisan Italian wines and pair them with traditional Venetian small bites, or ‘cicchetti’


Now here’s a back-to-school special we can get behind: the Little Italy Food Hall pizzeria Ambrogio15 will host a class on small-production, organic and biodynamic wines from Italy, complete with Venetian-style tapas/snacks called cicchetti.

Sommeliers from DOCG Imports — the acronym is a nod to Italy’s highest designation of quality — will pour eight artisan wines, three from the Veneto region, five from Sardinia.

There will also be a discussion of the wines’ flavor profiles and the natural production process in which they’re made. Ambrogio15, which in the fall will open the fast-casual pasta shop Semola in the food hall, will pair the wines with cicchetti. Wines varieties include prosecco, bardolino, amarone, vermentino, rosé of cannonau (grenache) and carignano.

Choose from two, two-hour sessions, held back-to-back on the patio in the piazza. Like every class should be.

Wine and Cicchetti at Ambrogio15

5-7 p.m. or 7-9 p.m. Tuesday. 550 W. Date St., Little Italy. $49. (619) 269-7187.