Beer of the week: Coincidence of Epic Proportions

It’s not easy to find, and it won’t stick around for long, but this sour beer is well worth seeking out


Beer Name: Coincidence of Epic Proportions
Brewery: Sourworx
Style: Red Sour
ABV: 6%

Nestled in an unsuspecting corner of La Mesa, Helix Brewing and its side project, Sourworx, turn out a variety of beer styles for any thirsty San Diego palate. Set across the courtyard from Helix, Sourworx features a range of impressive barrel aged sours, including golden, red and dark, along with a variety of fruited variations.

PACIFIC spoke with Cameron Ball, owner and (in his words) “only-brewer, engineer, janitor and sometimes the boss” to get the lowdown on Coincidence of Epic Proportions.

How did you come up with the name Helix Brewing?
CAMERON: I was homebrewing on Mt. Helix where I was living, and my friends would say, “lets go drink some Helix.”

How about the name Coincidence of Epic Proportions?
CAMERON: It’s like walking through windows. When you take new paths or a new avenue, you don’t know what’s going to happen, it could hurt or it could be open. Coincidence comes from brewing a combination of different base malts and heavy oats, to get these epic proportions, and that everything came together, with temperature and time, to make this one master blend. It was made when we first opened Helix and stored.

What’s in it?
CAMERON: Two-row base, heavy rolled oats, and crystal malts for coloring, Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. We do 100% barrel fermentation, so no stainless, and the beer is aged for three years in a combination of French and American oak barrels.

How long were you home brewing before opening?
CAMERON: Seven years.

What should someone expect for their first time trying Coincidence of Epic Proportions?
CAMERON: It’s a Red Sour/Tart with lingering candy apple sourness. It’s complex, with fruit characteristics from fermentation, and an acidic, sharp sourness to it.

Perfect pairing?
CAMERON: I think sour beers with fish and steak are solid.

Where can I get it and for how long?
CAMERON: Through September or October. We don’t distribute. Customers can get a 32 oz. growler for Sourworx and 64 oz. with Helix, or bring their own.

This beer gal’s take:
This lovely sipper with beautiful complexity and tart cherry notes is definitely worth a visit to Sourworx. A perfect crossover experience for both still and sparkling wine drinkers, Sourworx provides a tasting extravaganza in a beautifully designed space. Grab a growler and take Coincidence to your next dinner party and watch eyes light up.

Extra juicy tidbit?
Hop over to Helix ASAP to grab a glass of CRYO If I Want To, its fourth anniversary beer release, which won’t hold out for long. The specialty IPA features Eukanot cryo hops, along with the Pink Boots blend of Sabro, Simcoe, Laurel, Glacier and Mosaic hops.