Beer of the week: Honey Hips from Latitude 33 Brewing

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name, this 8.3% ale from Vista’s Latitude 33 packs a delicious punch


Beer Name: Honey Hips
Brewery: Latitude 33 Brewing
Style: Ale with honey and spices
ABV: 8.3%

Founded in 2012, Latitude 33 has been making craft beer in Vista with a lineup of core beers and collaborations. With the tagline, “We are adventurous craftsmen fusing math, science and artistry,” Latitude’s brewers create popular, flavor-filled IPAs like the Blood Orange IPA and Mangoveza, a tropical mango IPA, as well as their rotating Native Trails porter releases that range from vanilla to chocolate peanut butter.

PACIFIC spoke with head brewer Adam Vickers and marketing and events coordinator Torie Berkel about their veteran brew, Honey Hips.

What’s the story behind the Latitude 33 name?
TORIE: It came from the love of travel and adventure. What better way to see that than to use a map? Our brewery resides on the 33rd parallel and represents our spirit for adventure in beer and in life.

What about Honey Hips?
ADAM: It was designed by a previous brewer, Kevin Buckley. Honey Hips is the most veteran beer in our core lineup.

What’s in it?
ADAM: It has a multitude of specialty ingredients. Sweet orange peel provides a nice aromatic complement to the orange blossom honey, rose hips provide a floral aroma not dissimilar to grape must, and clover honey. We paired that with Munich and Caramel specialty malts, and bitter with moderate amounts of Northern Brewer. So this beer provides a great balance of sweet and bitter.

What can people expect from this beer?
ADAM: You should expect a somewhat sweet, potently aromatic beer, that despite it boasting a higher alcohol percentage, delivers a very drinkable and full-flavored experience.

What’s this beer’s perfect pairing?
TORIE: This beer pairs well with richer foods. The sweetness, the honey and lighter notes of an ale pair perfect with cheeses. Our recommendation would be Honey Hips with a delicious, juicy bacon cheese burger.

Where can I get it, and for how long?
Honey Hips is a core beer, and is available year-round in the tasting room. You can also find it at Safeway, Vons, BevMo!, independent liquor stores and in the variety packs at Costco.

This beer gal’s take:
Don’t be fooled by its sweet name and easy drinking nature, this beer packs a delicious punch. Honey Hips is an excellent crossover beer for those who enjoy mead, cider and sweeter wines, and for those just dipping their toes into craft beer who may think it’s all “too bitter.” Pair the Honey Hips with flan, bread pudding, or pound cake drizzled with local honey for a decadent end to your day.

Extra juicy tidbit?
Keep your eyes peeled for Latitude 33’s upcoming collaboration beer release with Second Chance Brewing and Artifex Brewing. The beer will be called Bermuda Hoppy Lager and will be unveiled in September.

Latitude 33 is open 3 to 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays; noon to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; and noon to 7 p.m. Sundays. 1430 Vantage Court, #104, Vista, 760.410.6333,