Go NuttZo for protein-packed spreads and bars

A portion of proceeds are donated by San Diego-based company to support Project Left Behind.


Whether you like PB&Js, a smear on your apples or straight from a spoon, you might have noticed the tempting array of nut butters lining the shelves of your favorite health food stores these days. Forget traditional peanut butter, varieties range from almond to cashew and even sunflower.

One San Diego has jumped into the nutty mix. With its quirky upside-down packaging and blending together of nuts with chia, flax and pumpkin seeds, NuttZo is sure to catch the eye and please the taste buds. “Mompreneur,” Founder and CEO of NuttZo, Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi brings discerning palates a satisfying range of spreads, fuel packs and bars for any time of the day or activity.

And, NuttZo doesn’t just taste good, it does good, too. The company also donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale of NuttZo to Project Left Behind, a charity, also run by Dietz-LiVolsi, which supports orphaned and disadvantaged children. PACIFIC caught up with the busy mom to find out more about the inspiration for Nuttzo, the new line of bars and her favorite things to make with the spread.

With the popularity of nut butters, what inspired you to get into the market and launch NuttZo?

DANIELLE DIETZ-LIVOLSI: My kids, actually! After adopting a very sweet boy from the Ukraine in 2001, I was obsessed with super boosting his diet. He below the fifth percentile in height and weight and was very malnourished. Due to his orphanage diet, he couldn’t swallow solid foods like vegetables or meats, and he didn’t like the flavors of almost every other American food. Knowing that my son needed a good source of complete protein, I started making a hearty butter with a variety of nuts and seeds for him to snack on — and it worked — he loved it! At the time, no one was making a mixed nut and seed butter so I decided to take my homemade concoction to the next level — the grocery store.

What’s different about NuttZo from other nut butters out there?

We were the first nut butter brand to blend multiple nuts and seeds, creating a powerhouse of superfood nutrition. Nuts and seeds have a host of nutritional benefits, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, plant protein. Today’s consumers know this and are reaching for more nut- and seed-based products.

For newbies, what flavor of NuttZo would you recommend starting with?

Definitely the Peanut Pro. Everyone loves peanut butter, right? Peanut Pro has that awesome peanut flavor, but with other super nutritious nuts and seeds too.

What do you say to people who shy away from nut butters because they are afraid of fat?

Do your research and be more afraid of sugar! Healthy fats are awesome and essential. They’re a major source of energy and help absorb some vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds are a great source for healthy fats. And by the way, we don’t add any sugar or oils to our nut butters.

Tell us about your new line of bars.

In 2018, we debuted a line of refrigerated, functional snack bars. Think “your favorite nut and seed butter in a fresh, refrigerated snack bar.” Our new Bold BiteZ are made with 60 percent of our nut butter. One hundred calories per bar and less than 5 grams of sugar. Each bar has a functional on-trend ingredient such as collagen, matcha and probiotics. Super delicious and a great source of protein, too.

How would you describe a delicious plate of treats involving NuttZo?

I honestly just eat it on a spoon right out of the jar! But my kids love it on a banana and over ice-cream, and in their PB&J sandwiches.

What’s your favorite thing that you make with NuttZo?

Well, funny enough, my favorite recipe for the longest time was to make NuttZo energy balls, which became the inspiration to our new NuttZo Bold BiteZ snack bars. But, my favorite thing to add NuttZo to is my protein waffle batter in the morning. So good.

What’s the mission of Project Left Behind?

At the heart of NuttZo is our non-profit, Project Left Behind. NuttZo is the primary financial source for multiple children’s homes and we plan to expand and grow our efforts as we grow. NuttZo is currently providing food, education and medical support to four children’s homes in Nepal, Peru and India. My team and I take a group of women to Peru every year to volunteer. This is a huge priority to the company and an integral part of our company culture and mission.

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