Mightybooch has 5 flavors of refreshing kombucha

Mightybooch kombucha drinks are sold for $3.99 a bottle at stores, coffee bars and restaurants.
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The pick: Mightybooch drinks

Why they rate: These refreshing, low-sugar kombucha drinks are brewed and bottled in North County. The company was launched last fall by a Solana Beach couple, Kate and John Paul Franklin.

There currently are five kombucha varieties, made with fermented tea, fruit and botanicals. The flavors are Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Apple Turmeric, Spicy Ginger, California Citrus and Super Berry. All Mightybooch drinks are made with 100 percent raw, organic ingredients. They are lightly effervescent, low in calories and contain probiotics and antioxidants.

Info: A 12-ounce bottle of Mightybooch is $3.99. Find it at Cardiff Seaside Market, Boney’s Market in Coronado and a number of area restaurants and coffee shops. There’s also a home delivery service available in Del Mar, Cardiff and Solana Beach. See store and restaurant locations stocking Mightybooth and learn more about the products online at