Dine with Chef Daniela de la Puente at Artist @ the Table


Kicking off its third year of multisensory dining experiences, Vanguard Culture presents the 2019 Artist @ the Table event in conjunction with the Oceanside Museum of Art and its Executive Director, Maria Mingalone.

Titled Sensorial, the dinner will be held at the IDEA1 apartments on Saturday, June 15 from 7 to 10 p.m., and will showcase the talents of Vanguard Culture’s Culinary Director, Chef Daniela de la Puente, and her interpretations of artworks at the museum. Senses will also be peaked at Artist @ the Table via wine pairings from Valle de Guadalupe provided by Baja Wine + Food.

As Mingalone notes, “Partnering with Vanguard Culture, An Artist @ The Table series aligns with OMA’s mission to further engage curious minds and create deeper connections within the San Diego community.” She continues, “As an anchor for art and culture in North County, OMA is building a must-see arts destination along the cultural corridor between L.A. and T.J. This is an exciting opportunity to share OMA’s vision with fresh audiences.”

Designed for industry creatives, networking, professional development and the general public alike, An Artist @ The Table encourages interaction between art and culinary lovers through Chef Daniela’s presentation of four gastronomic courses.

Specifically, de la Puente is creating dishes inspired by She, an exhibition from the artist known as VALYA, and Brian Kesinger’s Dream It Yourself, now showing at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Chef Daniela states, “It’s always a pleasure to work with Vanguard Culture in this series because they introduce the communities to visionary artists and creative thinkers. Saturday’s dinner will engage all five senses as a part of the experience.”

VALYA’s She exhibition, running through July 7, features the Ukrainian artist (now a resident of Oceanside) and her interpretation of the tree of life via the medium of felt sculpture.

Evoking concepts of empowerment, feminism and interconnection, VALYA notes, “My art is a metaphor for my personal journey on the road to self-realization. The colors and images of my work are a direct translation of how my soul sees the world. Each work tells a chapter of my life and functions as a vital part of my whole life experience.”

Dream it Yourself, debuting July 13 and running through November 24, showcases the imaginative new work of Brian Kesinger, known for his Victorian steampunk imagery, and as an artist with Walt Disney Animation Studios for 20 years.

Tickets for Artist @ the Table are $175 for general admission, $125 for nonprofit employees, and $100 for creative industry professionals

IDEA1, 899 Park Blvd., East Village, and