Little Italy’s Civico 1845 unveils new vegan menu

Linguine, left, and risotto dishes on Civico 1845's new vegan menu.
(Civico 1845)

Pietro Gallo, executive chef and co-owner of Civico 1845, a Calabrian restaurant in Little Italy, has introduced a new lineup of vegan dishes for its menu.

Civico 1845 was one of the first Italian restaurants in San Diego to offer a separate menu of vegan options. Gallo said he collaborated with Matte Febbraio, one of Italy’s foremost vegan chefs, on the new dishes which utilize new cooking techniques and flavor profiles.

New dishes include Cecina, a vegan omelet made with red lentil flour and vegan cheeses; risotto with broccoli puree, roasted almonds and paprika; linguine al verde, made with spinach pesto and marinated red beets; and zabaglione, a traditional custard-like dessert. 1845 India St., San Diego.