Chipotle eyes Coronado location

Planning Commission approves permit allowing fast-food chain to open across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado


Chipotle wants to move into Coronado. Right across the street from its famous Hotel Del.

The city’s Planning Commission last week approved, by a 3-2 vote, a permit that allows Chipotle to replace the La Salsa at 1360 Orange Ave.

Chipotle faced opposition from residents who do not want fast-food chains in Coronado. The city actually has rules that limit the number and specific location of those type of establishments.

Specifically, there is a limit of only 10 fast-food chains citywide and there can be no more than two in a block. Additionally, fast-food places cannot be in the corner of any block.

There are currently eight fast-food restaurants in Coronado, not counting the proposed Chipotle or the La Salsa it seeks to replace.

The proposed location is actually on the corner of a block that already has two fast-food chains, a Domino’s and Subway.

However, that block was built back in 1975, well before the city established its fast-food rules so the entire block is considered to be “legally non-compliant,” which means there can be a fast-food place in the corner.

The proposed Chipotle features a takeout window facing the sidewalk. Representatives described it as a place to pick up food that customers place via app. There shouldn’t be a long line, representatives said, because no one will be ordering or paying at that window.

The two planning commissioners who voted against the use permit said they feared the window would increase pedestrian traffic in the area.