Where to take your pup out to eat

A variety of breeds enjoy food offerings on the dog menu at International Smoke, one of the eight spots to take your pup to on our pet dining list.
(Kyle Chesser)

Eight pet-friendly dining and drinking establishments in San Diego offer specialty dog menus.


San Diegans love their dogs, but did you know tons of local restaurants and bars offer special menus for pups? We’ve made the rounds and found eight local gems where both you and your (well-behaved) pup can feast in style.

A beachy pup poses on the back patio of The Bier Garden of Encinitas with his complimentary water bowl.
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For the brunch pup: Shorehouse Kitchen

Overall vibe: Shorehouse Kitchen has a very bustling and social atmosphere — many brunchers will likely stop by to stay hello to your dog. La Jolla’s expansive patio is complemented by a few tables with umbrellas out on the sidewalk, which even has a decorative doghouse by the curb.
Menu offerings: The “Treat,” aka honey-cured bacon bits ($2); The Brunch Bark Bowl, scrambled eggs with honey-cured bacon ($5); The California K-9, grilled and sliced ground beef patty with turkey and bacon bits ($7); and a free bowl of purified water.
Watch out for: Sleeping in late. Both the La Jolla and Carlsbad spots close at 2:30 p.m. during the week and 3:30 p.m. on Fridays through Sundays.
As you digest: Drive to La Jolla Shores Park for some playtime with an ocean view, or Ann D. L’Heureux Memorial Dog Park if you visit the Carlsbad location.

2236 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla; 2833 State St., Carlsbad Village, Carlsbad;


For the fancy pup: International Smoke

Overall vibe: International Smoke may be located in a shopping center, but it does not lack in upscale décor and design. The surrounding patio is more casual, but still decked out with beautiful cushions, hanging plants and string bulb lights.
Menu offerings: Fido’s Feast is a fine dining experience — slow-smoked beef bone ($9); Doggy Loco Moco, made of ground beef and steamed rice ($11); assorted biscuit treats ($12) and Fiji bottled water ($6).
Watch out for: High (human) menu prices. It’s best to come for drinks and apps, or during happy hour.
As you digest: Browse One Paseo for some shopping, coffee or dessert. Though not every business is open to dogs, there is a central, pet-friendly common area with lots of tables and green patches.

3387 Del Mar Heights Road, One Paseo, Del Mar,

The patio at International Smoke, located at One Paseo.
(Dhanraj Emanuel)


For the adventurous pup: Anthony’s Fish Grotto

Overall vibe: Anthony’s patio seating offers a breathtaking view of its own private lake, which includes fountains and small waterfalls, as well as lush greenery. The space is calm, serene and inviting for everyone, including pups. (During the summer months, the server told me that there are days when every type of dog breed is present.)
Menu offerings: Anthony’s Fish Grotto dishes up a plate of salmon, rice and veggies in two sizes for both large and small dogs ($5.95 and $3.95, respectively).
Watch out for: Ducks. The lake is beautiful, but attracts many ducks (like, dozens) who may wander up to your table. However, if they begin to bug you and your pup, ask your server to feed them duck food.
As you digest: Take your dog on a walk around Lake Murray or hike at Cowles Mountain.

9530 Murray Drive, La Mesa,

A couple takes in the lake view with their pup at Anthony's Fish Grotto while sipping on cocktails.
(Courtesy photo)


For the hipster pup: Encontro North Park

Overall vibe: Encontro is very hip and industrial, with reclaimed wood furniture, exposed steel and a succulent wall. Two skinny patios line the outside of the front of restaurant, but compact bench seating offers lots of spots to sit.
Menu offerings: Pooch Pops, shredded chicken and ice ($2); Pupp Patty, unseasoned burger patty ($4) which can be upgraded to a Mutt Melt with cheese ($5); Hot-Diggity-Dog hot dog ($4); Chicken Bow Wow Bowl of chicken over rice ($3); a peanut butter cheddar biscuit ($2); and a free puppucino.
Watch out for: Cars and heavy foot traffic. The patio offers a beautiful view of the heart of North Park, but the location at the intersection of University Avenue and 30th Street is very busy, especially at night.
As you digest: Explore the neighborhood and check out some of the many pet-friendly restaurants, breweries and boutiques. Or take a quick drive to many of the nearby dog parks like Morley Field, Grape Street or Nate’s Point.

3001 University Ave., North Park,

Tabitha enjoys her meal at Encontro's patio in the heart of North Park.
(Courtesy photo)


For the casual pup: Working Class

Overall vibe: The casual space is down to earth without being a dive bar. Both front and back patios usually always have a dog hanging out, but the fenced-off back patio with artificial turf and a water refill station is arguably the best bet.
Menu offerings: Puppy Chow keeps things simple with your pup’s choice of a beef patty or chicken breast served with brown rice ($5).
Watch out for: Kids. Working Class’ patio is very family-friendly, so children are often running around. Make sure your dog is OK around young diners.
As you digest: If you have a patient pup, stay for a quick game of life-size Jenga or Connect Four (or trivia on Wednesdays).

4095 30th St., North Park,

Make sure your pup is chill with other dogs and people, especially kids, at Working Class.
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For the polite pup: Sally’s Fish House and Bar

Overall vibe: Enjoy waterfront views without worrying about your pup, as the entire patio section is closed off by clear, glass panes. The hotel restaurant and bar is a bit on the fancy side, so beachwear and behavior is discouraged.
Menu offerings: Surf & T-arf with salmon, grilled chicken, white rice and peas topped with bacon ($6); Howl & Oats, oatmeal with honey, peanut butter, banana yogurt chips and whipped cream ($5); Sit, Stay, Roll, seared tuna with broccoli and brown rice, wrapped in seaweed ($6); and Doggie Sliders, ground beef with cheese and bacon on bib lettuce ($6).
Watch out for: Private parties. Sally’s Fish House & Bar is connected to Manchester Grand Hyatt, so depending on when you go, some of the sections could be closed off to the public for special events.
As you digest: Hang out around Seaport Village or Embarcadero Marina Park, or head into the Gaslamp if your pup prefers the city life.

1 Market Place, downtown,

Sally's Fish House & Bar's side patio, overlooking the water.
(Harris Charalambous)


For the sporty pup: Backyard Kitchen and Tap

Overall vibe: Backyard is a good place to come for a beer and a game. With TVs lining the walls, it’s definitely a sports bar, but most of the rowdiness and screens are away from the pups. The open-air patio – which the hostess tells me is a hit with dogs at brunch time – has a tarp covering, heating lamps and fire pits.
Menu offerings: Grilled chicken breast or burger patty with yellow rice ($5.95), plain yellow rice ($1.95), homemade dog biscuits (five for $3.95) and a complimentary bowl of water.
Watch out for: The (typical) Pacific Beach party scene. Though dogs are welcome at all hours, it’s best to take your pup here before the party starts.
As you digest: Try the boardwalk for a scenic walk, or hop in the car for a quick drive to Ocean Beach Dog Park.

832 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach,

A pup enjoys brunch at Backyard Kitchen and Tap in Pacific Beach.
(Courtesy photo)


For the beachy pup: The Bier Garden of Encinitas

Overall vibe: Bier Garden is a hip sports bar slash beach spot, with a relaxed vibe but trendy atmosphere. Your dog is welcome on either the front or back patio, which feature succulent walls and trays, brick and reclaimed wood details, and surrounding palm trees.
Menu offerings: Choose from 1/3 pound patties of either grilled chicken, ground beef, ground turkey or salmon ($8). If you want to spoil your pup, add egg, bacon or avocado ($2 each) to the patty.
Watch out for: Large dogs. The patios are on the (slightly) smaller side, so get there early to snag a spot if you have a bigger pup.
As you digest: Stroll South Coast Highway to browse the many Encinitas shops and beach landscape.

641 South Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas,

The Bier Garden of Encinitas' back patio, which features palm trees, succulent trays and a full bar.
(Haley Hill Photography)