What I’m drinking this week: Flower Fields from Burgeon Beer Company

Be sure to try this themed beer before The Flower Fields close for the season on May 8.


Name: Flower Fields

Brewery: Burgeon Beer Company

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.1%

Flower Fields, an IPA from Burgeon Beer Company
(Sara Butler)

I have a confession: I have never been to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

I know, I know — a lifelong San Diego resident who has never been to The Flower Fields? I’m as upset as you are. It’s been on my bucket list for awhile, but as a former East County/current central San Diego resident, I don’t find myself in North County very often. So when I stumbled upon Flower Fields-in-a-can from Carlsbad-based Burgeon Beer Company, I knew I had to grab it.

Gotta say, I definitely didn’t expect a Flower Fields-themed beer to be an IPA. Maybe a sour, pilsner or wheat beer ... but not an IPA. However, when I poured the floral brew into my tulip glass (because, well, I had to) and took my first sip, it didn’t taste like a typical IPA to me. Upon further investigation, I found out it’s brewed with pilsner and pale wheat malts — resulting in an IPA that’s drinkable, refreshing and light.

OK, light-ish. It’s still an IPA. But it definitely has less of a bite than others I’ve tried, with a moderate ABV and just the right amount of hoppiness. All and all, I’d say it’s a nice spring drink to be enjoyed in an (alcohol-friendly) field somewhere.

This beer has definitely inspired me to make a trip up to The Flower Fields before they close for the season this weekend — as well as also a reminder to explore North County brewery scene more often. First up: Burgeon Beer Company’s Carlsbad location.