What I’m drinking this week: Birdie to Bogey from North Park Beer Co.

"Birdie to Bogey," a California Pilsner from North Park Beer Co.
(Sara Butler)

Name: Birdie to Bogey

Brewery: North Park Beer Co.

Style: California Pilsner

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 10

As I write this, San Diego is facing a mild spike in temperature due to those Santa Ana winds. So for this week, I wanted to replace my holiday stouts and spiced sours with a more summery option.

And what better pick than a pilsner? Specifically, California Pils from North Park Beer Co.

Brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Strata hop varietals, the pilsner is piney with a shockingly low IBU of 10 — the same as a Coors Light. The very faint gold hue (nearly clear) is mirrored in its light-bodied mouthfeel. And despite its dryness, the crisp brew is refreshing and smooth.

Called “Birdie to Bogey,” the beer’s name is a reference to disk golf — presumably a nod to the Morley Field course in Balboa Park, a disc’s throw away from the North Park Brewery.

I’ve never tried disc golf (not even during my years as a North Park resident) but this beer genuinely makes me want to. While I drank Birdie to Bogey from my couch instead of a course, it’s a drink that I would feel comfortable with drinking after being active. Bonus: this brew pairs well with food — perfect for making up those post-workout calories. I opted for ranch dipped veggies, but the options are endless.

While alcohol is not allowed in the Morley Field disc golf course, there are alcohol OKed zones in Balboa Park. (According to the park’s website, you can drink from noon to 8 p.m. at seven lawns in the area, including Botanical Building East Lawn and West Lawn. For details, visit

Plus, North Park Beer Co.'s tasting room on University Avenue is not far from the course — making it a perfect place to celebrate a win, or drink your sorrows from a loss.