Coronado Brewing Company debuts organic hard cider line

Coronado Brewing Company's hard cider, Nice & Dry
(Mate Society)

Coronado Brewing Company — known for award-winning beers like its Palm Sway Island-Style IPA — is dipping its toes into a new alcohol market this month.

Last week, the 25-year old brewery announced the release of its new hard cider line. According to representatives at Coronado Brewing, the drink has been two years in the making and is California’s first USDA-certified organic hard cider available in cans.

The line will kick off with two styles: Nice & Dry and Super Fruit. For purists, Nice & Dry (6% ABV) puts apples at the forefront, resulting in a crisp and champagne-esque beverage. Super Fruit (5.5% ABV) offers a twist on tradition by pairing apples with Acai berries and blueberries to create a semi-sweet option.

Both flavors are available on draft and in cans starting today at Coronado Brewing’s Bay Park tasting room, located at 1205 Knoxville St. For now, Coronado Hard Cider will only be offered at on-site, but is expected to hit shelves of San Diego retailers in January 2022. Visit for details.