Gravity Heights brew pub’s June Gloom IPA returns

Gravity Heights will bring back its June Gloom Hazy IPA on June 15 in honor of the reopening of the state.
(Courtesy of Gravity Heights)

In honor of the state’s official reopening on June 15, Gravity Heights brew pub in Sorrento Mesa will bring back its June Gloom Hazy IPA. Not available since the stay-at-home orders hit in December, June Gloom will return in four-packs of cans and on tap.

Also in the beer lineup this spring is house brewer Tommy Kreamer’s Japanese-style lager Rice Cold and, soon to come, Smoked Wheat Every Day and a GH Sour made with boysenberries and raspberries.

Gravity Heights is at 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego. Visit

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