Going on a beer run

Treading Lightly, a low-carb IPA from Thorn Brewing Co.
(Courtesy photo)

Beer: Treading Lightly

From: Thorn Brewing Co.

Why: Beer can be an unwelcome temptation if you are in New Year’s resolution weight-loss mode. Don’t despair! The good folks at Thorn have devised an IPA with a slender 2.9 carbs and 104 calories per 12-ounce can.

Geek out: This beer also goes light on the alcohol, 4.3 percent by volume, and is gluten-reduced. Two hop varietals often used in IPAs, Amarillo and Citra, provide the grapefruity aromas and palate-enticing notes. Lightly is thinner than most IPAs, but at this time of year, many of us are seeking thinner bodies.

Seek out: Canned six-packs of Treading Lightly are sold in numerous local markets, while the beer is often on tap at Thorn’s North Park and Barrio Logan tasting rooms ( for more info).


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