A stimulating buzz at Modern Times Invigatorium


Modern Times’ third hometown outpost, which offers both coffee and beer, is now open.

Go: Modern Times Invigatorium, 631 Ninth Ave., San Diego,

Study up: Modern Times’ third hometown outpost, after the original brewery (the Lomaland Fermentorium) and tasting room (the North Park Flavordome), the Invigatorium boasts early hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily) and endless jolts of caffeine.

Perk up: The six Modern Times beers on tap ($10 per pour) here are vastly outnumbered the coffee choices. Hot single-origin java, cold brew on nitro, vanilla lattes, barrel-aged espressos, espresso sodas – they’re all here, and much more.

Wake up: After the coffee has awakened your senses, drink in the surroundings. From the velociraptor behind the bar and leather couches to the shimmering gold disco ball and the gently curved wooden beams high overhead, this place is a small masterpiece of design.

Pro tip: Don’t miss the all-gender restroom with its exquisite tile work and Japanese-style commode. The lid opens and closes automatically, while the seat is soothingly warm to the touch.