Beer of the week: Boneshakeur from Rouleur Brewing Company

New Zealand-style Pilsner is refreshing, clean and citrusy, with a fair amount of bitterness, but not overwhelming.


Beer Name: Boneshakeur
Brewery: Rouleur Brewing Company
Style: New Zealand-style Pilsner
ABV: 5%

Cycling its way into the hearts of local craft beer lovers, bike-themed Rouleur Brewing is cranking out a variety of beer selections with “an artisanal application of rule-bending creativity.” Located in an unassuming office park in Carlsbad as part of the HG Fenton Brewery Igniter, the brewery features blondes, saisons, IPAs and golden, red and dark ales, among others.

PACIFIC chatted with owner and brewer Rawley Macias and beertender Sam Cournoyer over a Boneshakeur and the story behind this Beer of the Week.

What’s the story behind the Rouleur name?

SAM COURNOYER: It’s a French word, a cycling term that means an all-around cyclist who can be the sprinter, climber and long-distance rider. We try to be all-arounders, we have a lot of good beers in a lot of styles, so we are not only xyz.

What about Boneshakeur?

COURNOYER: (Boneshaker) refers to when bicycles were introduced with a hard frame — that was the nickname. The -eur (spelling) goes with Rouleur name.

What’s in it?

RAWLEY MACIAS: We use a German pilsner base malt and the New Zealand hops Waimea and Wai-iti.

What can be expected when drinking this beer?

MACIAS: Refreshing, clean and citrusy, with a fair amount of bitterness, but not overwhelming.

What is the perfect pairing for this beer?

MACIAS: A lightly seared tuna or salmon, the hops scrub your palate of the fat from the fish.

This beer gal’s take: Undoubtedly a must-try for lager and light beer lovers both from the craft beer and macro camps. This unique twist on a pilsner is crisp, clean, and oh so refreshing. That marvelous citrusy lemon from the NZ hops is accentuated with herbal notes of grass and pine. If you are looking for a new crowd-pleasing summer brew, this is it. Like a NZ Sauvignon Blanc, this beer will pair beautifully with light dishes including herb salad with peaches, grilled cauliflower, and veggie-based sides.

Where to get it and for how long: You’ll be able to sing, and dance, and shake your bones (catch the musical reference if you can) any week you want, as the Boneshakeur is available on tap at Rouleur Brewing year round and at The Landings at the Carlsbad airport.

Extra juicy tidbit: While at Rouleur, don’t miss trying the new Raida. Meaning “rider” in Japanese, Macias used pilsner malt and rice instead of an all-pilsner malt base. It features Sorachi Ace, a light, flowery hop, and according to Macias, “the whole point of this beer is to go with sushi. It is made to replace Sapporo and Kirin.” This easy 5% ABV brew will be available be year round, as well as packaged in cans.

Rouleur Brewing, 5840 El Camino Real #101, Carlsbad, 442.244.5111,


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