Beer of the week: Electric Youth from Thunderhawk Alements


Beer Name: Electric Youth
Brewery: Thunderhawk Alements
Style: Coffee Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%

Branded in turquoise and orange with a decidedly southwestern, Native American feel, Thunderhawk Alements brings a refreshing, yet warm and welcoming vibe to the San Diego craft scene. Cranking out mouthwatering brews ranging from coffee pale ales to chocolate stouts with Ecuadorian cacao, former homebrewers Jonathan Barbar and Bill Lindsay bring their love of nature into their brand and brewing.

PACIFIC sat down with Barber for a little midday coffee/beer break to get the deets on Thunderhawk’s Electric Youth Coffee Pale Ale.

PACIFIC: What’s the story behind the name Thunderhawk?
JONATHAN BARBER: We are two San Diego homebrewers, and we used to brew in Ocean Beach. At one of our homebrew parties, a friend randomly yelled out “all hail the mighty thunder hawk” referring to the plane overhead. We thought to ourselves, that’s got to be the name.

What about Electric Youth?
BARBER: We just thought it had connotations of uplifting and youthful energy. Then we found out it was a Debbie Gibson song.

What’s in it?
Electric Youth features Bird Rock light roast whole coffee beans from El Salvador, classic Cascade hops alongside New Zealand Pacifica hops, which lend citrus, spice, orange zest and marmalade to the flavor profile.

What to expect:
BARBER: This one can please a lot of palates, with a big coffee flavor and aroma and a clean crisp finish.

The perfect pairing?
BARBER: This is the ultimate breakfast beer, pair with waffles and bacon or any kind of traditional breakfast. In fact, substitute your coffee for this beer.

This beer gal’s take: Warning: this might seriously cause a coffee beer obsession. Clean and crisp with the perfect blend of light roast coffee aroma and flavor, you’ll want to drink this with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. An all-day classic, this beer will pair with everything from marmalade-stuffed French toast at brunch to late-night tiramisu for dessert.

Where to get it and for how long: As one of Thunderhawk’s flagship beer, Electric Youth is available year round on tap at the brewery, along with select locations in San Diego, including Barbusa and Venetian.

Extra juicy tidbit?
Look out for a collaboration between Thunderhawk, Amplified Ale Works, and Barber’s brother’s band, The Routine, called Hop Puddin’ Double Hazy IPA with coconut and vanilla. The exclusive beer will be available in cans and on tap, in the Miramar tasting room at the end of May. Follow @thunderhawkalements and @amplifedales on Instagram to find out definitive release dates.

8675 Miralani Dr., Ste. 100, Miramar, 619.952.4832,


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