Beer of the week: Anchor Down from 32 North Brewing Co.


Beer Name: Anchor Down
Brewery: 32 North Brewing Co.
Style: American Amber Ale
ABV: 6.3%

With a wide, spacious tasting room and a mouthwatering array of beer selections, 32 North Brewing hits the directional mark with brews that range from crisp pilsners to warming bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts. Aside from its suds, 32 North is known for hosting weddings (check out their photos and videos on the website) and a range of specialty nights including Nerd Nite, Bingo Nite, and Tacos & Trivia, and also offers a mug club for loyal patrons. PACIFIC recently sat down for a beer and a chat with brewer Jeff Swem whom provided the lowdown on Anchor Down.

PACIFIC: What’s with the name?
JEFF SWEM: When you sit at the bar with your friends, you put your anchor down, kick back and have a beer.

Why an amber?
SWEM: Abel (Kaase) came in from Beerfish and wanted a beer for his fish and chips and we thought an amber would be good for that. So we made it for Beerfish, and we liked it so much, we ended up making it a staple beer.

What’s in it?
The beer has two-row base amber malt, Cara malt, oats for body, and Crystal hops.

What should be expected in the flavor profile of this beer?
SWEM: A nutty sweet caramel malty backbone, with very little hop character. It’s smooth and drinkable, nothing too heavy.

The perfect pairing?
SWEM: Irish Colcannon with bacon and kale, pork chops, ribs, or something that’s meaty and sweet at the same time.

This beer gal’s take: Could a beer be more drinkable and tasty? Smooth and perfectly balanced, this malty beer with notes of caramel, toasty malts and toffee is literally for everyone. From newbie craft beer fans to die-hard disciples who just need a break from IPAs, Anchor Down is a beer you want to keep drinking. Pair with a variety of BBQ goodies, gingerbread, spice cake and desserts with banana.

Where can to get it and for how long: As a core beer on the list, you can relish the Anchor Down all year long at the 32 North tasting room.

Extra juicy tidbit?
Take this insider tip: When visiting 32 North for the Anchor Down, don’t miss trying the Polar Opposite, a white stout made with Madagascar vanilla beans and two pounds of coffee per barrel. Available on CO2 or nitro, it’s a dream come true for coffee lovers.

32 North Brewing Co.: 8655 Production Ave., Ste. A, Miramar, 619.363.2622,


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