Beer of the week: Coconut IPA from Duck Foot Brewing Co.


Beer Name: Coconut IPA
Brewery: Duck Foot Brewing Co.
Style: West Coast IPA
ABV: 6.5%

For those with Celiac disease, gluten-intolerance or those trying a gluten-free lifestyle, Duck Foot Brewing Co. is like manna from heaven. Providing gluten-reduced beers since 2015, the brewery delivers a delicious range of high quality brews minus the element that causes stress for some. Using a specific enzyme in the fermentation process, the protein that the body attacks in those with Celiac is chopped up and rendered unidentifiable. The result is that the body then sees it as nutrition in the beer rather than as an invader. To experience a new way of drinking craft beer head to Duck Foot in Miramar (the area also affectionately known as “Beeramar”). PACIFIC recently sat down with owner and “Head Quack” Matt DelVecchio for a coconut IPA and the inside scoop.

PACIFIC: What was the inspiration for a coconut IPA?
DELVECCHIO: We have a small batch program to push the envelope and try new beers, and one of the creations was this combination of coconut and our Contender IPA. It was such a hit, it sold out immediately. So we decided to bring it back, and now it is a summer release beer.

What’s in it?
DELVECCHIO: We use 150 pounds of real toasted coconut per batch, not test tube flavored sunscreen extract. The hops are Simcoe and Amarillo.

What to expect:
DELVECCHIO: A rich toasted coconut flavor, with a nice creaminess to it. It’s a great entry-level IPA.

The perfect pairing?
DELVECCHIO: Mexican food, including shrimp fajitas and taco dishes.

This beer gal’s take: As a certified coconut (and Simcoe) fanatic, I’m swooning at the mouthwatering aroma and flavor. Not heavy-handed in the least, this summer crusher is beautifully balanced between citrus, pine, and coconut. Perfect for sunny San Diego days, breezy porches at dusk, weekend brunches, and grilling out at the campground or in the backyard. Grilled pineapple and Coconut IPA anyone?

Where to get it and for how long: This beer will be available through September only and can be enjoyed on tap, in cans and growlers at the tasting room. It is also available at locations around the county including BevMo, Whole Foods, Jimbos and Lazy Acres.

Extra juicy tidbit?

When visiting the taproom, Matt recommends blending the Coconut IPA with the Featuring Hazy-z (with Citra Mosaic, and Azacca hops) to get a piña colada-style IPA.

8920 Kenamar Dr. #210, Miramar, 858.433.7916,


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