Cerveza Xteca releases easy-drinking lager


The new beer is available on draft in Barrio Logan and National City.

Beer: Xteca, a Mexican-American lager. A crisp quaffer with a light body, this beer’s accent is on bready malts and a mild corn chip finish.

From: Cerveza Xteca, San Diego.

Why: Like Mexican imports, Xteca is an easy-drinking lager with enough carbonation to cut through spicy or rich foods. Brighter and fresher, though, than a bottle of Pacifico or can of Tecate.

Geeking out: 5% alcohol by volume; minimal hop bitterness.

Seeking out: 16-ounce cans are starting to show up at local retailers, but it’s easiest to find Xteca on draft. Order a pint at the ¡Salud! gastropubs at 2196 Logan Ave., Barrio Logan, or 2333 Highland Ave., National City.