Beer of the week: Table Beer from Benchmark Brewing Company


Beer Name: Table Beer
Brewery: Benchmark Brewing Company
Style: Belgian Session/Single

Resilient through a series of struggles and triumphs, Benchmark Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery loved and supported by local bar owners, retail accounts and San Diego craft beer drinkers throughout the county. Tucked into an unassuming business complex in Grantville, the Benchmark space is cool, industrial, warm and welcoming all in the same beer mug. “Setting the standard” with a range of core and rotating beers, owners Mat and Rachael Akin bring the words quality and community to the local craft beer scene.

What was the inspiration for a table beer? According to Rachael, she and Matt traveled around Belgium trying different styles of table beers, and Matt brewed upwards of 15 different versions of table beers before going “all in” on the version they brew now.

Why are Belgians loving on table beer anyway? As Brand rep Mark Koger remarked with a smile, “Like Italians drink red wine, Belgians drink table beer. “

What’s in it? Benchmark’s Table Beer incorporates Chinook & Crystal hops alongside Weyermann Pilsner Malt.

What to expect: A clean, fresh balance of malt and hops with a smooth, easy-drinking palate, makes it an approachable choice for any beer drinker. And at 4% ABV, the word crushable comes to mind.

The perfect pairing? Rachael noted, “Because it’s so light, it really goes with any food but it’s really good with tacos, bbq, and any funky cheese.”

This beer gal’s take: Wondering how to get your macro-swilling (no offense intended) friends into craft beer? This is the beer. It has no gimmicks, no crazy bitterness or flavor that will make them wrinkle their nose and say, “weird.” Trust me, they’ll love it, because after all it’s “beer flavored beer.”

Where can to get it and for how long: This year-round pleaser is a core beer of Benchmark’s so you can get it any time your heart desires on tap or in can at the brewery or at local bars and bottle shops around the county.

Extra juicy tidbit? Don’t miss the rotating Parks Collection series — produced several times a year — with the current limited release, the Beaten Path Extra Pale Ale, perfect for refreshment after hikes and park visits.

6190 Fairmount Ave. G, Grantville, 619.795.2911,


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