Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set helps keep your cookies from crumbling

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It’s not too difficult to dunk an Oreo sandwich cookie. All you need is a glass of milk and a cookie. But everything can be made more complicated, and there’s now an Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set that promises to keep your fingers out of the milk and minimize the munching mess.

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The boxed set comes with a bunch of Oreos and two mugs, but it’s the rest of the kit that really will bake your day. It includes two plastic attachments that hook onto each mug to stack the cookies, plus two small pairs of tongs so Cookie Monsters can dip the Oreos into the mug of milk without getting their fingers messy.

Honestly, dunking disasters have never been high on my list of cookie crises, but with gift-giving season coming up, it could make for a delicious present for a true Oreo fan. (Or just find a small pair of tongs and make your own version.)

The maker of the set, Frankford Candy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about price or availability, but Walmart online is selling it for $17.98, and food Instagrammer snackbetch found it at Rite Aid.

This is far from the only creative Oreo product we’ve heard about recently. You can freshen up with some minty peppermint bark Oreos, and in 2019, cookie-lovers will be able to indulge in the massive Most Stuf Oreos. Whether or not you’re planning to pick up the Oreo dunking kit, fans of Oreos should check out things you didn’t know about your 15 favorite snack-food brands.

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