Jack Daniel’s is selling a whiskey advent calendar

The Daily Meal

Jack Daniel’s has given us a whole new reason to get excited for the holiday season. The whiskey brand is releasing a whiskey advent calendar, and our hearts are practically bursting with Christmas cheer right about now. It’s called Jack Daniel’s Festive Whiskey Calendar (that’s right, it’s festive), and it features 23 mini sipping whiskeys from the brand.

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The tiny whiskey bottles - which are destined to be adorable, because: so tiny! - include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. According to the brand, the advent calendar features an extra-special gift in one window: a Jack Daniel’s key ring hip flask! So if you’re looking to take little nips of drink in between singing carols, we bet you can’t wait to get to that one.

However, this fantastic calendar is exclusive to Asda, a supermarket chain in the U.K. But if you can make it across the pond by mid-November (when Asda starts selling them) you will be able to get your hands on one while supplies last. There is currently no listed price, but an advent calendar like this is pretty priceless anyway.

The U.K. clearly counts down to Christmas correctly. They have whiskey advent calendars! While we may not have the exact same treat on this side of the Atlantic, at least we can visit these 35 American towns that do Christmas right.

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