Target follows unicorn trend with ‘Unicorn Magic’ ice cream

The Daily Meal

Although we thought we had left all things unicorn behind in 2017, it appears that the trend is still thriving.

Target is the latest brand to bust out a colorful unicorn-inspired product, in this case in the form of an ice cream. The chain’s Market Pantry brand has just rolled out “Unicorn Magic” ice cream.

Unicorn Magic certainly sounds magical. All-things-candy Instagram account @CandyHunting found the frozen dairy treat on Target shelves and described it as “a pink fruity base with a sour blue raspberry swirl, a frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits.”

Unfortunately for online shoppers, the 48-ounce tubs of ice cream are only available in stores. Plus, Target’s store locator currently shows that Unicorn Magic is only available in select locations, making it a little less hard to find than, say, an actual unicorn.

Although the unicorn trend was not something we saw sticking around this long, you can check out the rest of our 2018 food predictions here.

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