15 TV restaurants we wish were real

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Like real life, a lot of TV shows revolve around the world of food and drink. When you think about it, what better way is there to gather with friends than over a delicious burger, ice cold pint of beer, or bucket of fried chicken? And as anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry will tell you, kitchens are a great source for hilarious hijinks and heartbreaking drama. And while there’s no shortage of amazing restaurants in the real world, well, these 15 fictional restaurants would make the culinary landscape just a little brighter. Or at least, the food world would be a lot more interesting.

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Yes, these TV restaurants may be fictional, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to take a big ol’ bite out of one of Bob Belcher’s signature burgers of the day or to yak it up with Roseanne with a loose meat sandwich in hand at the Lanford Lunchbox.

Yes, the TV world is full of larger-than-life animated burgers, diners filled with quirky characters and world-class pie, and restaurants that are filled with intrigue, murderers, and drugs. We’ll leave the shady stuff to our TV sets, but we sure would like to dine at these 15 fictional eateries...

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