The Blitzen rooftop beverage chiller is the perfect holiday road trip accessory

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Everybody knows a bottle of booze is the perfect holiday party gift. But if you have a long drive from point A to point B, the internal temperature of your car could warm spirits to a less-than-drinkable temperature. Fear no more! For innovation studio Deeplocal has created the Blizten Roof Hootch - a trusty beverage chiller for the roof of your car.

According to Blitzen's product description, it can hold anything from bubbly Veuve Clicquot to a growler full of IPA. The precious cargo is then secured to the vehicles' roof via 100 pound magnets, aluminum rails, and what looks like the strap on a rollerblade. It works on any car "except for your non-magnetic Tesla. Thanks a lot, Elon," and features natural cooling. So as long as it's cold outside, your beverage should be nice and frosty by the time you reach your destination.

"Cooling time depends on ambient temperature, car speed, and a whole lot of other factors that some of our engineers here spent way too much time calculating," Deeplocal said on its website. "The same goes for lateral G force and speed calculations. It was like a flashback to Calc 2."

Blitzen inventor and lead engineer Matthew Pegula told The Daily Meal there's no set price or launch date for the product right now, but "based on the amount of signups we're getting on the site, we are exploring our options for getting it out asap."

While it's unclear at this time whether Blizten was named after one of Santa's reindeer, it's no doubt this clever invention will help deliver boozy holiday gifts to all good girls and boys. On your way to the party, feast your twinkling eyes upon the best Christmas light displays in every state!

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