Chocolate with benefits

A variety of Good Day Chocolate supplements.
(Good Day Chocolate)

The pick: Good Day Chocolate nutritional supplements

Why they rate: “Chocolate with benefits” is the slogan for Good Day Chocolate, which offers a fun way to get some nutritional health benefits in a “pill” that looks like a supersized M&M. Founded by a doctor, the company uses pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and fair trade dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The Energy variety has caffeine extracted from green tea, blended with vitamins and amino acids. The Turmeric chocolates offer an anti-inflammation boost. Calm is described by the company as being like “a chocolate Xanax,” but using L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid found in soothing tea, combined with chamomile tea. The Sleep chocolates contain melatonin, and the new Probiotic variety gives a big dose of probiotic bacteria.

Info: A box of eight pieces is about $2.99; a six-pack of boxes is $17.99. Find them locally (in single boxes) at select Whole Foods, Sprouts and Ralphs markets, or online in bulk at and