Sports drinks go organic

NOOMA electrolyte drinks in four flavors.

The pick: organic sports beverages from NOOMA

Why they rate: The NOOMA beverages were created by Brandon and Jarred Smith, two ice-hockey-playing brothers who wanted a more natural alternative to electrolyte-replenishing sports drinks. Their new product is low in sugar (30 calories per serving) and contains no acid; it’s also vegan and paleo friendly. The electrolytes needed for hydration are sourced from real ingredients, including organic coconut water and sea salt. Available in four flavors: Watermelon Lime, Chocolate Mint, Blueberry Peach and Mango.

Info: A 16.9-ounce carton of the beverage is $2.49. Available locally at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kiel’s and Baron’s markets as well as Stump’s Family Marketplace in Loma Portal.