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Very often, an image of the beach is one of the first that comes to mind when one thinks of the word “vacation.” Going to the beach is the ultimate way to relax; stretching out with a good book or a great beer on a towel or a chair as you take in the salty sea air and nice breeze. Beaches can offer sweet waves, a romantic getaway, or even just a chance to stretch your legs. The best way to relax on the beach, however, is with food.

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Some of the world’s best beaches offer up spectacular views, amazingly clear waters, and the chance to truly unwind and relax your mind and body. At The Daily Meal, however, we believe in exciting the taste buds. Not only does a beach locale mean top-quality seafood is a near certainty, but there’s something about the relaxing atmosphere of salty air, a nice breeze, and basking in the sunshine that can make a meal extra-delicious. While you should probably avoid drinking while on the beach itself, drinking at a beach restaurant is a different case, and many of these offer a serious cocktail game.

In order to determine which beach restaurants are the country’s best, we started by combing through our own previous rankings, including our 25 Best Beach Bars in America. We then took a deep dive into existing rankings and review sites to get an idea of which beachfront establishments are the most renowned and well-loved according to both locals and tourists. Above all, we looked for restaurants with a beautiful dining room, a high level of culinary skill and creativity, all-day dining availability, a great bar program, a varied menu, fresh and seasonal ingredients, a high level of service, and of course, a spectacular view. Located at many of America’s most popular beaches, these beach restaurants are the best in America.

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