Woodstock’s Pizza gives back & continues to grow

If you’ve ever found yourself in Pacific Beach or College Area and craving something fresh, flavorful and maybe a little unique, you’ve likely found your way to Woodstock’s Pizza. This family-oriented restaurant started in Oregon, and its creative pies with gourmet sauces, variety of toppings and twists on traditional crusts quickly made its way to California, with locations across San Diego winning loyal fans.

“Woodstock’s has a homey atmosphere, where both families and college kids co-mingle for a great dinner and craft beer,” said Megan Young, Marketing Director. “Among regulars, Woodstock’s is known for its community ties, quality ingredients and customer service.” They are also known for unique pizzas like the “Sriracha-Cha,” which is loaded with sriracha sauce, bacon, pineapple and green onions, or the seasonal specialty “Butternutty Bliss,” with pumpkin jalapeno pesto, roasted butternut squash, parmesan, feta, red bell peppers and toasted pumpkin seeds. Pizzas also be customized and served on whole-wheat or gluten-free crust. No matter what, every Woodstock’s pizza has a fold-over crust with the sauce baked inside. “Everyone eats their crust at Woodstock’s!” Young said.

Their appetizers and desserts are almost as popular as the pizzas. “I may have sustained myself on WildeBread - dipped in ranch - for awhile in college,” said Young. She also said that according to a customer, their signature CinnaBread dessert “is made by combining angel kisses with the laughter of unicorns.”

To Young, Woodstock’s is also unique because it “is ingrained in each community it serves. Giving back is the backbone of the restaurant.” To that end, Woodstock’s is giving back to both its customers and community this season. They are stashing $25 gift cards in random delivery boxes all month as a treat for some lucky customers (the Pacific Beach location delivers until 3 a.m., for those with late-night cravings). Customers can also bring in unwrapped toys and receive free tater tots through December 23. The toys will be donated to the Salvation Army Kroc Center and Polinsky Children’s Center.

Woodstock’s San Diego is located at 6145 El Cajon Blvd. and can be reached at (619) 265-0999. Pizza cravings in Pacific Beach can be cured at 1221 Garnet Ave. or by calling (858) 642-6900. Both locations also offer online ordering.

Source: DiscoverSD