Win a custom surfboard with L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has been treating California diners to its unique Asian and American fusion cuisine via traditional Hawaiian plate meals for more than 15 years. Now, in a new promotion, the popular restaurant chain is giving patrons the chance to win a custom surfboard just by posting photos - either “selfies” or “foodies” - showing off their L&L Hawaiian Barbecue meals and experiences.

Brandon Dela Cruz, director of marketing for L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, says the contest is designed to engage the restaurant’s customers and fans around the world in displaying the true spirit of “aloha.” More than just a greeting or way to say goodbye, the word “aloha” embodies a way of living with peace, affection, love and compassion.

L&L patrons can show their “aloha” spirit by sharing a photo of themselves on Instagram from their favorite L&L location. Photos can be selfies or a photo of a diner’s plate lunch - a photo known as a “foodie.” Just by sharing their selfie or foodie photographs under the hashtag #drinkaloha, customers and fans will be entered to win awesome prizes from Pepsi, including a customized surfboard.

“When submitting a photo for the contest, please be sure it is made public so it can be viewed on,” Dela Cruz explained.

The contest began July 1 and ends Tuesday, Sept. 1. San Diego diners can choose one of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s 13 area locations to enjoy a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch and take their contest photos. L&L patrons can learn more about the contest, the photos and the surfboard at

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s traditional Hawaiian plate lunch consists of two servings of rice, a serving of macaroni salad and a generous serving of a hot entree. L&L also offers smaller “mini” version of the traditional plate lunch with less rice and a smaller hot entree.

“We’ve received many photos of ‘ono’ - meaning delicious - plate lunches,” Dela Cruz said.

“One of our most active Instagram followers shared a photo of his Musubi Trio - our specialty featuring Chicken Katsu, BBQ Chicken, and SPAM Musubi. We’ve also received many selfies with fans sporting a shaka, which is a friendly hand gesture that features the thumb and pinky fingers popular in Hawaii,” he added.

To learn more about L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, visit To learn more about the selfie contest and the chance to win a custom surfboard, visit

Source: DiscoverSD