When Pigs Fry

Spicy tuna, bacon and asparagus, tempura- battered and drizzled with bacon garlic aioli, sweet mandarin and sriracha sauces, topped with bonito flakes, scallions and kuro goma.

With an eye on tradition and a talent for ingenuity, Sabuku has quickly become the first choice of discerning epicures and sushi novices alike. By adding colorful twists to traditional fresh seafood presentations, the chefs manage to keep their guests’ palates guessing.

In addition to classic nigiri, sashimi and rolls, Sabuku has developed distinctive creations with ingredients like candied garlic, pineapple, filet mignon and hickory-smoked honey-cured bacon. the result: San Diego’s next wave of sushi cult favorites.

Thanks in part to the restaurant’s calming, minimalist décor, the focus here is on the food, where it belongs.Sabuku, where passion meets sushi.

Sabuku Sushi
3027 Adams Ave., Normal Heights

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