Bacon my heart: Unique bacon-inspired foods

In a city where foodies roam in every unique neighborhood, it’s hard not to go “hog wild.” Though vegan restaurants are rising in fame, it’s hard to rid ourselves of the breakfast classic, bacon.

Today, not only do slices accompany an old school Grand Slam, but they are being combined to form the newest and hottest concoctions. From infusing beer to wrapping almost any item, bacon has made a name for itself here in “Ham Diego.” So, no matter what time of day, you won’t have to wait for pigs to fly to start tasting.

Breakfast Sushi

Fig Tree Café

Though 10 a.m. may not be the ideal time for sake bombs, sushi somehow wiggled its way onto the breakfast menu. While fish is not included in this dish, three rolls of rice are topped with scrambled eggs, scallions and plum sauce. The trio is then wrapped in paprika and brown sugar infused bacon. After the first bite, it may be hard to return to ordinary sushi.

Read more about Fig Tree Café here.

Pacific Beach: 5119 Cass St., 858.274.2233; Hillcrest: 416 University Ave., 619.298.2010; Liberty Station: 2400 Historic Decatur Rd., Point Loma, 619.821. 2044,

Maple-Bacon Doughnuts

Great Maple

As specialty doughnut stores continue to pump out unique flavor combinations, some eateries are sticking to the breakfast classics. At Great Maple, chefs top the large doughnuts with a maple glaze, powdered sugar and bacon bits. Though the dish is big enough to share, just remember that with a little willpower, you can lick the whole plate clean yourself if you just believe.

1451 Washington St., North Park. 619.255.2282,

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Prep Kitchen

When the decision of choosing between sweet and salty is too tough, it is sometimes best to ask, "¿Por qué no dos?” (why not both, for those non-Spanish speakers out there). Prep Kitchen has brought the best of both worlds together in small bites of dates stuffed with blue cheese and arugula, and wrapped in thick slices of bacon. Just be cautious not to fill up before the main course arrives.

La Jolla: 7556 Fay Ave., 858.792.7737; Del Mar: 1201 Camino Del Mar, 858.792.7737; Little Italy: 1660 India St., 619.398.8383

Ashes from the Grave

Monkey Paw Brewing

If breakfast has passed but you still have a craving for salt, this seasonal brew may be your answer. During the fall, Monkey Paw releases their award-winning combination that has elements of smoky, sweet and, of course, bacon. Read more about Monkey Paw Brewery here.

805 16th St., downtown. 619.358.9901,

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Corn Dog

Common Theory Public House

This is not your typical food court corn dog. A smoky and garlicky Linguica sausage is wrapped in bacon, then deep fried in a corn bread batter. With a side of house dipping sauces and Mornay cheese, it’ll be hard to go back to run-of-the-mill corn dogs.

4805 Convoy St., Kearny Mesa. 858. 384.7974,

Maple Bacon Milkshake

Slater’s 50/50

Specializing in bacon-infused foods, it’s no surprise that Slater’s continued their tradition and dedicated a milkshake to the flavor. In the maple bacon milkshake, vanilla ice cream is blended with maple syrup and bacon chunks to accompany any one of the massive Slater’s burgers. Bacon-washed Woodford Reserve bourbon can also be added to spice up this sweet treat.

2750 Dewey Road, Point Loma. 619.398.2600,