Shino Sushi + Kappo

Shino Sushi + Kappo is the go-to spot for remarkably fresh sushi that connoisseurs compare to meals they’ve experienced in top-rated establishments throughout Tokyo. Chef Robert Nakamura brings to the restaurant 11 years of training from San Diego’s famed Sushi Ota, where he gained expertise for tracking down the highest-grade seafood on the market.

An intimate atmosphere sets the stage for a concise selection of rolls, sushi and sashimi. Japanese sardines and mackerel pike are among the prized species appearing in artful, traditional constructs. Entrées include miso-marinated black cod, teriyaki and mixed tempura sporting featherweight texture. Nakamura’s masterpieces are served on handcrafted, brightly colored Shino plates from Japan.

Shino’s crisp interior features a 10-seat sushi bar that puts you in eyeshot of the chefs, plus a smaller bar suited for eating and drinking over romantic interludes.

VIBE: Intimate, embracing and romantic.
SPECIALTY: Traditional rolls and ultrafresh sushi and sashimi.
VARIETY: Japanese.
AVERAGE $: $13 to $40 per entrée.

Shino Sushi + Kappo
838 W. Ash St., San Diego
Reservations: 619.255.2527

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