Pigging Out

By David Nelson

Grind a bunch of bacon, slap it into a jaw-stretching patty, grill, then pile inside a rich bun with a fried egg, crisp bacon strips, bacon cheddar AND a wild creation called Bacon Island dressing.

Who’s responsible for the ‘merica, the whole-hog sensation that was July’s “Burger of the Month” at Slater’s 50/50 Burgers in Liberty Station? Executive chef Brad Lyons, an SDSU (and L.A. Cordon Blue) grad who founded Slater’s with fellow Aztec Scott Slater. The duo invented the half-bacon/half-beef burger at a Chargers tailgate, later adding distinctive garnishes that Lyons says make “a really impactful, delicious burger” so good it recently starred on a “United States of Bacon” episode on the new Destination America network.

The film shoot was “a fantastic experience,” says Lyons. “It kind of felt like host Todd Fisher and I were just standing in the kitchen talking shop, even while they were filming. I’m flattered that they came out to feature our product. I hope Slater’s becomes known as the place to get a great burger.”

Lyon’s is getting his wish: Slater’s has now been slathered with attention from major networks, big city dailies and tastemakers like Gizmodo. San Diego is sizzlin’!