Monday munchies: Toffee

The next time your sweet tooth is ready to jump out in search of a fix, head to the East Village where the pusher ladies at SweetBricks will dose you with their off-beat butter toffee flavors like Bonfire S’mores and Cookies n Cream.

With it being summer and all, the bonfire-flavored candies are particularly jubilating; besides experiencing a sugar rush, as if you mainlined the stuff, these candies evoke nostalgia of standing around a fire ring at the beach with marshmallows roasting away.

Except, you won’t find any of that Hershey’s stuff in this holy shrine of confections. Owners and best buds Jena Perez and Desiree Glade handcraft their toffee with organic ingredients - except with stoney additions such as real Oreo Cookies, which is no problem at all in our book.

The top-selling flavor combines everything you love about those chocolate, vanilla-filled cookies from your youth, sandwiching the perfect ratio of butter toffee between them and a creamy candy topping. It’s love at first crunch at this joint-which, coincidentally, looks more like a dispensary than a candy shop.

First, you’ll be offered a free sample to get you real weak in the knees. Then, through bouts of giggling and panting, you’ll place an order for a mixed box (1 pound for $25). Choose from a dozen or so menu offerings and stumble out of the place with enough loot to keep you charged for weeks with enough leftover to bribe your neighbors, children, mailman and whoever else needs manipulating.

Or maybe you’re one of those people who just likes one bite of something sweet a day. Well, good luck with that with SweetBricks in your cupboard.

917 E. St., East Village. (844) 738-6333,

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