Monday munchies: Supernatural Sandwiches

In between toasted slices of buttery brioche, layers of Korean-style steak, plump shrimp and tangy kimchi are bound by molten cheese. At Supernatural Sandwiches, the Chimera is named after a frightening Greek mythological creature that’s part lion, goat and serpent, and just a couple bites in, you’ll be breathing fire just like it.

But the only scary thing about this sandwich - plus 13 more at this “sea to sandwich” eatery - is the cost of gas it’ll take to get to Mira Mesa again and again for these bold, offbeat flavors that attract the munchies crowd like moths to light.

These sandwiches are expertly constructed, like the Chimera, which is akin to the best, old-school grilled cheese you’ve ever had, but with the addition of juicy meats, fiery, fermented cabbage, and scallions, all nestled in between slices of brioche toast from Bread & Cie, brushed with clarified butter for good measure.

This addicting combination is born from chef/partner Craig Jimenez’s love for big Asian flavors, which he then gives a stoney, San Diego twist. And though you won’t want to miss the Chimera, be sure not to leave without ordering a cup of divine scallop and bacon chowder topped with Chinese donuts - Jimenez’s rad alternative to croutons.

Supernatural Sandwiches is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. 7094 Miramar Road, #105, San Diego, (858) 831-7835,

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