Monday munchies: Spicy Chicken Buns

Creeping through the Internet, scoping out food porn as usual, a real beauty revealed itself: Spicy Chicken Buns at Underbelly. Thank you, Jason McLeod (@ironsidechef), for driving me absolutely mad with your graphic portrayal of golden-fried chicken peeking through smooth buns stuffed with kimchi, pickles and ribbons of spicy mayo.

Offered at the Little Italy and North Park locations of Underbelly - and by request only - these flavor-packed, rich snacks make the perfect appetizer to share, or as a meal on their own. Chances are if you have the munchies, you’ll want to hoard both for yourself.

Besides the exclusive draw of being an off-menu item, only limited amounts of the fried chicken are available daily. Translation: call ahead to avoid devastation, and then get these coveted buns in your mouth ASAP.

750 W. Fir St., Little Italy., (619) 269-4626 and 3000 Upas St., San Diego, (619) 487-9909,

Source: DiscoverSD