Monday munchies: pretzel in beer-spiked fondue


San Diegans love their craft beer, and at The Local in Downtown, there’s over 30 taps to quench your thirst after dipping salty pretzel balls into cheesy fondue spiked with Stone Brewing Co.’s Smoked Porter. Oh yeah!

Listed under Pub Apps, these bite-sized orbs will arrive at your table gleaming with butter alongside a skillet filled with the creamy, bubbly beer cheese. Piping hot cast iron maintains the dip’s temperature, even if you don’t inhale all the pretzels at once. If that’s the case, then you probably don’t have the munchies (shameful).

However, if you did come prepared to mack down on this tasty bar grub, beware that the newly remodeled space is packed with bright TVs. A pair of shades might come in handy (cough-cough).

Don’t be shy about submerging these two-bite-size delights into the well-balanced beer cheese - in fact, pretend like the stuff is a hot tub for pretzels. After the balls are all gobbled up, the skillet of cheesy goodness will tempt you to drink up every last drop. And that’s all good - just use a spoon instead of picking up the skillet, lest your hands go up in smoke.

1065 Fourth Ave., downtown. (619) 231-4447,

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