Monday munchies: PB’s super fresh taco

There has been some criticism in the past from crotchety readers who scoff at the idea of traveling to Pacific Beach for grub, like it’s Egypt or something. As such, treasures like El Trebol Mariscos fly under the radar among stoners in the city, but I can assure you, a voyage to this chill restaurant is worth its weight in carne asada gold.

With table service, comfortable seating, reggae overhead and flat-screen TVs - on silent -lining the walls, this isn’t your average taco shop setting. And the carne asada, super peppery and tender, is grilled and cut thick for items like surf n tacos, or the surf n turf California burrito - which is exactly what it sounds like: A great idea.

In terms of food porn, the tacos came out on top. Between having a super fresh tasting tortilla, layer of melty cheese, and thick strips of flavorful carne with sweet shrimp bursting here and there, it’s a winner through and through.

It’s also topped with usual suspects salsa fresca and avocado. There are six housemade sauces to dabble with, provided in a caddy; the creamy jalapeno cilantro is a sure bet for the steak and seafood combo. If you go the Cali surf n’ turf burrito angle, expect thicker hunks of carne that can stand up to steak fries, and yeah, way more cheese to hold it all together. To go orders come with all six house sauces, which is a very nice touch.

El Trebol Mariscos is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, with happy hour every day from 3-7 p.m. daily ($1-off beers). The restaurant also offers “fish taco tasters” Mondays and Wednesdays for 99 cents; a two-for-one fish taco deal on Tuesdays; and the same on Thursdays but with tostadas instead.

2015 Garnet Ave., San Diego, (858) 291-8070.

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