Monday munchies: ‘PB Stoner’ calzone

PB Stoner from SandBox Pizza in PB. (/ Amy T. Granite)

A quality pizza parlor with extensive fried food options that stays open till midnight? Oh, Pacific Beach, you shouldn’t have!

Actually, I take that back. Thank you, so, so much SandBox Pizza, for supporting the late night munchies crowd with proper beer battered onion rings to eat alongside the appropriately named “PB Stoner” - a calzone stuffed with tender chicken, bacon, sliced tomatoes and a buttermilk, ranch-esque dressing.

Creamy mozzarella is the glue that binds this rich, $9 bargain together, in addition to its perfectly golden, crusty case. With just the right ratio of ingredients, it’s possible to pick up slice after slice without messy food tumbling everywhere. Once again, SandBox Pizza to the rescue, saving us from perilous calzone blow-outs, at least within their walls.

Tucked back in a P.B. strip mall, the place is surprisingly chill with 20 taps and a full bar; there’s also a decent size front patio, big screen TVs, shuffleboard and foosball. With super friendly, fast service and prices you can afford with change you can find in the couch cushions, the next time the munchies strike, do it up right at SandBox Pizza. 1014 Grand Ave., Pacific Beach.

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