Monday munchies: Pasta


Everyone knows that whatever bacon touches turns to culinary gold, and that’s definitely the case with the Al Capone pasta at Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria. Your choice of penne or linguine gets tossed in a hardcore tomato cream sauce filled with hunks of artichoke hearts and meaty bacon pieces; the dish is dangerously good with linguine, as bacon fat coats the long strands of noodles and makes them slurpable at three times the average speed. Don’t choke, or poke an eye out; in fact, take things slow and savor, lest the experience end too soon.

The hefty pasta dish will set you back $11.50 and comes with a piece of garlic bread; an extra order is advised for avid dippers. Consistency is king at Lefty’s, with every Al Capone experience tasting as great, if not seemingly better, than the last. After having it just once, the urge will strike every time you drive by both the restaurant in North Park, 3448 30th St., (619) 295-1720, or Mission Hills, 4030 Goldfinch St., (619) 299-4030. Pro tip: order this takeout for your next dinner-and-a-movie date and see where it gets you.

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